Cosmopolitan Magazine - Find Your *Perfect* Fragrance Based on Your Sign

Cosmopolitian March 2019

Recently Cosmopolitan Magazine ran the article "Find Your *Perfect* Fragrance Based on Your Sign"  here is a short excerpt. You let your horoscope dictate everything from who you date to when you make major life decisions, so why not let it help you out with what fragrance to wear? Yep, you can use your sign to find your ideal scent family and the spring perfume you’re most compatible with—or give one as a gift to your BFF or SO knowing they'll love it. Below, 12 fragrances for every sign that are destined to be a fave. We decided it would be fun to add 12 home and office fragrances for every sign that would complement the 12 personal body fragrances chosen by Cosmopolitan Magazine.  Hope you enjoy our picks.

Fragrance of the Month for August and September

I like to change the fragrance in my home every once in a while. I like to have a fragrance of the month.  How do you pick the best scent?  Unless you are looking for a specific fragrance, like something you smelled recently in a hotel lobby, you can always pick a scent based on which produce is in season.