Are You Suffering From Nose Blindness? We Can Help!

The wide variety of home fragrances available from Aroma Retail can help you avoid nose blindness. It’s not you, it’s your home's scent. If you're wondering why friends don’t come around or why they don’t stick around for long, it might have to do with how they feel when they enter your home or certain areas in your home. We can help.

What Is Nose Blindness?
Nose blindness, olfactory fatigue or sensory adaptation is what happens when you can’t smell something others can. Have you ever come in from shopping or vacation and thought, “whoa, something smells”? That’s usually how your house smells. It’s how your house smelt before you left and it’s what everyone who enters your home smells when you open your door.
Why Can’t I Smell My Own Home?

So, why can the food delivery guy, your mother-in-law, and your new significant other smell those things, when you’re the one who lives in them and can’t? It’s your body’s way of keeping you alert for new, and possibly dangerous smells. If you’re always thinking about the scents of the apples on your countertop, the vanilla-scented trash bag liner, and the new carpet in the guest room, it would be much harder to notice a gas leak or burning casserole.

Some Of The Biggest Offenders

Some of the smelliest things in your home can actually be things that bring you comfort, but might not feel so welcoming to visitors. Other smells that have become part of the absent scent of your space can be signs of problems that need to be addressed, but are quickly forgotten as you get used to them.

Change It Up - Prevent The Funk

By regularly changing up the ambient fragrances in your home, you’ll notice the way your house smells more, and more often. Then you can address problem areas and make sure everyone who stops by smells what you want them to. We carry not only fragrances for every taste, but a scent solution for every space in your home. From the bathroom to the kitchen, to your game rooms and man caves, our alluring home fragrances keep things fresh and fit easily into your lifestyle.

From the Luxury Spa to the Fresh Bread Bakery and Coffee Shop, we carry a scent to fit the message you really want to send. Kick out the grubby, musty smells and invite in allure, peace, or interest. The scents of your favorite holidays or most memorable resort vacations and luxury destinations are available through our fragrance selections.

Don’t Let Your Brain Ignore What’s Obvious To Everyone Else.

Make sure you’re always making the impression you want to. Make walking in the door from a long day at work a pleasure. Keep yourself from smelling like your favorite furry friend without realizing it. At Aroma Retail, we offer low-profile, effective home fragrance products to help you prevent nose blindness. And don’t forget about your car or office! We look forward to helping you scent your world.

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