Farina Fragrance Museum - Springtime in Paris

The hunt for that perfect all-around spring scent for your home will finally be over when you experience Farina Fragrance Museum by Aroma Retail. This gender-neutral home fragrance is sure to become your new springtime favorite. Find out more about why we’re confident you’re going to love this new international delight.

Who Doesn’t Love Springtime In Paris?

You don’t have to pack a bag or take time off work to experience a French spring getaway. Soft green blooms, newly awakened florals, and thousands of budding trees bring life to even the busiest of cityscapes in our newest fragrance, Farina Fragrance Museum. Fill your home or office with this destination sensation and let your mind travel to one of the most romantic cities on earth.

What Does Farina Fragrance Museum Smell Like?

Giovanni Maria Farina produced the first-ever Eau de Cologne in 1709 at the Farina Fragrance Museum. It was an immediate sensation and has been passed down in its original form for centuries. Refreshing and timeless, you can now access Farina’s creation from our luxury Places Collection.

But what does it smell like? Top notes of bright, citrusy bergamot, orange, grapefruit, and lemon are complemented by light florals of jasmine and violet while the depth of sandalwood and the sweet, honey-like woody musk of olibanum support and round out this unique scent. You have to smell it to believe it.

From The French Riviera To Your Favorite Spaces

Bring home France in spring with Farina Fragrance Museum. Convert bedroom to boudoir, home office to alps, sitting room to riviera. Upgrade your next dinner event’s entertainment ambiance or just surround yourself with vibrance. It’s amazing the difference the right home fragrance can make. Share it or keep it all to yourself, it’s up to you.

So Many Ways To Brighten Your Home

At Aroma Retail, we make it easy to spread Farina Fragrance Museum around all your favorite places and gift it to all your favorite people. There’s no reason to invest in low-quality, low-capacity home scents. We offer high-quality products and invite you to choose the diffusion solution that best fits your space and tastes.

Warm, Glowing Soy Wax Candles
Beautiful, Minimalistic Reed Diffusors
Convenient Fine Mist Room Sprays
Powerful Home Unit 101 Aroma Diffusion Machine
4 oz & 27 oz Fragrance Oil Refills

Not sure which to choose or having a hard time choosing just one scent? Pick up a few of our Sample Blotters, or make it easy on yourself and delight your gift recipient with our Mix & Match Gift Sets. Better yet, make sure you never run out of your new signature scent with our diffusion machines and scent refill subscription.

Order Your New Springtime Home Scent Today

Ready for a timeless spring season scentsation? Farina Fragrance Museum by Aroma Retail is available in all of our attractive, easy-to-use home scenting products. Discover something new or stock up. Paris in springtime is only a few clicks away. Place your order today.

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