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April 4th, 2019
Langham Hotel's Ginger Flower
Spring is in the Air and the April Fragrance of the Month is Langham Hotel’s Ginger Flower

April is in full swing, and spring seems to have finally arrived everywhere. Langham Hotel’s Ginger Flower is our fragrance choice for the month of April. With its inspiring and fresh airy notes of Ginger, Citrus, Green Petals, Freesia, and Rose,  Langham’s Ginger Flower infuses the air with new energy, freshness, and renewed optimism.  Slightly musky, with top notes of Aldehydes and Amber, Langham’s Ginger Flower is the perfect aroma for the season.

So open the windows, get outside if you must, but if you are inside turn on your Aroma Diffuser Machine and let Spring come inside!

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