Cromwell’s Allure Noire: Elegance in a Scent
Cromwell’s Allure Noir

Cromwell’s Allure Noire

Bring the opulence and elegance of the Las Vegas Strip’s first boutique hotel home with Cromwell’s Allure Noire from Aroma Retail. This sexy, yet classy fragrance captures the Parisian-luxury vibe of the Cromwell, Las Vegas and puts it right at your fingertips. Invite a little sophistication into any space when you choose this star from our selection of resort fragrances.

Upscale, Intimate & Chic

Captivate, fascinate, and entice anyone who enters your space. Clients, customers, or visitors notice your home’s unique scent. Cromwell’s Allure Noire is seductive and sensual. Warm spices, exotic woods, sheer florals, and more make for a rich, complex home fragrance. Talk about aromatherapy.

So Many Convenient Options

You can make this custom, exclusive fragrance easy to access in any room of the house. At Aroma Retail, we have conventional, portable, and even professional options that make scenting your home with our high-quality fragrances a snap.

Ready For Your Next Staycation

Invite Cromwell’s Allure Noire in and transport yourself to a glamorous night out without leaving your house. You might be lounging in your jammies after work. That doesn’t mean your senses aren’t sitting at the hotel bar, lounging poolside at Drai’s with a spicy margarita or blueberry mojito, or having a blast at a rooftop nightclub.

Make A Five Star Impression

Choose a room scent solution to bring to the office and spread the scent of heady, French luxuriousness. Show waiting room guests and high-class clients alike that you don’t settle for second best in anything, without having to say a word. Keep them curious with Cromwell’s Allure Noire.

Set a reed diffuser on your desk, set up the Home Unit 101 Aroma Diffusion Machine in the reception area, or set up a scent-station you don’t have to think about with our professional diffusion machine.

Set The Mood In A Sec

Have to pick up an unexpected client from the airport, host your bestie's bridal shower last minute, or quickly set the scene for an impromptu date night in? Our Cromwell’s Allure Noirw is also available in a convenient room spray. Freshen up your car, guest room, or game room in an instant.

You can rev up the man cave for a little bit of mingling or transport guests from the living room to the lounge with this convenient, on-the-spot home scenting solution from Aroma Retail.

Not Just Home Fragrances, Resort Fragrances

Cromwell’s Allure Noire is an Aroma Retail resort fragrance. Have you ever stood in a resort lobby or walked by a luxury hotel spa and thought, “Wow, I wish I could bring that smell home.”? Now you can. Luxe, plush, lavish. We’ve taken all that ambiance and customized our home fragrance oils to match.

There’s no need to fight through traffic or pay for parking to experience that Cromwell, Las Vegas vibe. Whether you’re looking for the quick, instant gratification of a candle or spray or a continuous, hands-off diffusion of scent from a diffusion machine, we’re sure to have a home scent solution that works for you.

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