Energy Mood Collection - Easter Egg Hunt
Energy Mood Collection

Energy Mood Collection - Easter Egg Hunt

Energy Mood Collection

It’s Easter, a holiday you’ve spent your whole year waiting for. Another chance to finally be the one to get the golden egg that has thus far eluded you in egg hunts in previous years. Too excited to sleep, you wake up at the crack of dawn to race down the stairs and see what the Easter bunny brought you. There, in a pastel basket amid a nest of crinkling plastic shreds, is an assortment of brightly colored jellybeans, a plush bunny and a chocolate rabbit you hope is solid inside. 

The puff of Energy Mood Collection Fragrance from the home’s scenting unit casts out the invigorating notes of freesia, cedarwood and eucalyptus that mingle with your excitement for the upcoming events of the day.

Breakfast sits on the table in the form of toast and hard-boiled eggs dyed in various colors. You secretly dig into the plastic grass of your basket for jellybeans, your fingertips skimming over the smooth candies before popping them quickly into your mouth. Then, when no one is looking, you peel back the foil of your chocolate rabbit and take a big bite of the ears to discover it is hollow inside. Not that it matters, with all the confectionary bounty you’ll consume through the rest of the day.

After you’ve washed the residual dye and sugar from your hands, you change into the stiff, formal clothes you only have to wear this one time. Then you gather for family pictures until your mom is satisfied, which could take the better part of a lifetime. Once a picture of everyone smiling has been obtained, and the family is ready, you join your friends on the long, padded pews of your local church. There, you lift your voice in celebration to God before being regaled with the story of how Christ rose from the dead, one that has always been a favorite of yours for its inspiration and hope.

As service draws to a close, your heartbeat quickens once more in anticipation for what you know is coming next: the egg hunt.

Vestiges of your sugar-filled breakfast and the exhilarating scent of the Energy Fragrance add a lightness to your feet as you skim past the other egg hunters, your gaze sharp and your hand locked tight on the crackling handle of your basket. You will get the golden egg this year.

There among the daisies is an egg, the sunny color blending with the yellow centers of the flowers. A green one is next, resting in a cluster of dandelions. Then a purple hiding in the old oak tree's knot where a scarecrow is propped during the fall’s pumpkin patch. One by one, in a frenzy of children darting this way and that in their Easter finery, you give way to the exhilaration buzzing in the air. Your basket is heavier now, laden with your loot. You do a final scan around you to ensure nothing has been left undiscovered.

Energy Mood Collection

To ensure you haven’t missed...

A glint of gold catches your eye, and every cell in your body freezes in that fraction of a moment. The sunlight disappears behind a cloud, and when it reemerges, you see it again, a wink of gilt from beneath the log of a fallen tree. Without thought, you race toward it, stretching your hand out and snatch the object from its hidden location.

You stare into your palm, gaze fixed on the smooth, golden plastic of the coveted egg, your white whale, finally obtained.

Whether you are the one finding eggs this year or the one hiding them, a little dash of energy is the best way to start your Easter. Stimulate your morning on Easter and every day with the uplifting scents of dewy melon, eucalyptus and musk of our Energy Mood Collection Fragrance.

From our family to yours, Happy Easter!


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