Energy Scent - The Mood Collection

Energy Scent - The Mood Collection - As the season changes and one of the busiest times of the year approaches, who couldn’t use a little more energy? At Aroma Retail, we are here to help with a great big boost of motivation - Energy. Energy is just the fragrance for when you’re looking for a high-spirited home scent.

A Bright, Fresh Pick-Me-Up

Introducing, Energy Scent - The Mood Collection, a shining star of a fragrance. Refreshing and revitalizing, it gets your attention right away and keeps you going whether your day is destined to be full of housework, homework, or a whole host of deadlines. Energy has you covered.

So, what goes into this vibrant blend? An impressive selection of invigorating influences.

Awakening Top Notes - Dewy Melon, Eucalyptus, Sea Salt, & Dewy Greens
Springy Mid Notes - Aquatic Florals, Freesia, Waterlily & Peony
Sustaining Base Notes - Driftwood, Cedarwood & Sheer Musk

Fresh Fuel For Your Autumn Fancies

Like a cheerleader rooting for you all day long, from the bedroom to the boardroom, this home fragrance is the boost you’ve been looking for. Get a jump on the day, your fitness routine, or your holiday shopping with Energy. Sometimes all it takes to get the job done with a smile is the right scent to bolster you up. Energy does just that, wherever you choose to diffuse.

Spritz it in the car before your big day or set your Scent Machine - Travel diffuser to keep Energy flowing. Why not make sure you always have enough Energy on hand with our oil refills or refill subscription? We make getting the right scent, right where you want it so easily 🙂

A Little More Get Up & Go

Do you know someone who could use a little more pick me up? These days, we probably all do. Shorter days and cooler weather can really bring some of us down, especially when we’ve already spent so much of our spring and summer days indoors. Brighten someone’s day with the gift of Energy - The Mood Collection.

Just To Say, I’m Thinking Of You
Surprise A Busy Friend
Encourage Your Struggling Student
Brighten Up A Cloudy Day
Revitalize Your Home Gym
Customize Your Home Office
Diffuse Vibrance & Vigor

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or someone special, we have the right diffusion solution for everyone on your list. Get your family moving by lighting some candles in the kitchen. Encourage your favorite stay-at-home student by setting up reed diffusers in their at-home classroom.

There’s no end to the creative ways to share this bright, beautiful fragrance.

Our elegant Mix & Match Gift Set bundles the Energy scent in a candle, room spray, and reed diffuser, all in an attractive, mesh gift bag. So, your recipient gets variety and versatility. Let us know, and we can include a card with your personal message.

Experience Energy - The Mood Collection Today

We can’t wait for you to experience and share this exciting, new home fragrance. Chase those winter blues away. Place your order for Energy Scent from The Mood Collection today!

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