Explore Valley View Casino’s Exotic Moods Scent

If you enjoy fresh air, warm spice, and coziness, then we invite you to try out Valley View Casino’s Exotic Moods scent. Here at Aroma Retail, we love to help you bring the most luxurious destinations home. Our collection of resort, hotel, and casino scents send you on an impromptu trip, without having to step-foot outside! Let your mind wander and leave it all behind without having to pack a single bag.

Why Valley View Casino?

Imagine chilling at the edge of an infinity pool enjoying breathtaking views of Southern Californias's Palomar Mountain range. Our Exotic Moods scent is a world-class getaway for the senses. This fragrance oil exudes luxury, sophistication, and exhilaration.

What Does Exotic Moods Smell Like?

Valley View Casino’s Exotic Moods is both bold and bright. Complex, woodsy, warm, earthy, spicy, musky, and fresh. It’s perfect for dinner parties, date nights, receptions, anniversaries, and any time you want to add a little bit of grounding, depth, and richness to your day.

Blend Highlights

Where The Palms & Pines Meet

Invite the more sultry side of the great outdoors inside with Valley View Casino’s Exotic Moods. It’s like a late autumn stay in a luxe lodge with the option to spend the day by the bay. It’s walnut groves and wineries. It’s all about play and escape and treating yourself.

Sophisticated Scents For Every Space

At Aroma Retail, we make incorporating aromatherapy into your daily life so simple. From tiny apartments to large luxury homes, fragrance diffusion is a pleasure when you have the right tools. That's where we come in.

Atmosphere On The Go

Valley View Casino’s Exotic Moods can go wherever you do. Room sprays and candles are portable options that add scent to smaller spaces quickly. Spritz a little at the entryway just before guests arrive. Keep it in your purse for a quick office upgrade. Cover up that car french fry smell or and impress those clients you have to pick up.

On a business trip or vacation? Help yourself settle in. Light a hand-poured soy candle to add both warm aroma and the coziness of a gentle, flickering light to your room. Candles in the bathroom? Instant spa vibes. Your favorite scents can make even temporary lodgings feel more like a home away from home.

How Do I Use This Scent In My Home?

We also carry more hands-off options. Both of our residential and professional diffusion machines are great for spreading and maintaining ambiance over larger areas. Our reed diffusers are portable and simple. Just set them up and enjoy for weeks to come. Who knew making your home smell good could be so effortless?

Enjoy Valley View Casino’s Exotic Moods Today

Bring those California vacation vibes home. We’re excited to bring you this exclusive home fragrance. Maybe you’ve visited Valley View and want to relive cherished memories. Or maybe you just love the freedom of transforming any environment into one that brings you joy. Order Valley View Casino’s Exotic Moods scent from Aroma Retail today.

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