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July 19th, 2018
Aroma Retail Newsletter

Odor-evoked autobiographical memory.

How Smells Trigger Memories

You might ask yourself how smells trigger memories; our sense of smell is one of the most powerful senses we possess, and the merest hint of something familiar can trigger a special memory or wonderful moment in our lives that we treasure forever. The reason for this is simple: the direct scientifically proven link in our brains between memory and smell. The Scent of a beach where you once traveled, a cabin in the woods you went to as a child, or the smell of the resort where you spent your honeymoon all can be evoked by the sense of smell.

Wouldn’t it be nice to come home from a stressful day to these happy and relaxing memories?  With fragrances from Aroma Retail, you can relive that beach trip (Sun & Sand), cabin in the woods (Cedar Seduction) or even your honeymoon (Bright Sunshine). If you want to relieve these memories, scenting is not something you can leave to chance or add on as an afterthought.  It is only by putting it right at the forefront that we have been able to create products that will not just evoke wonderful memories but will create wonderful memories of their own.

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