Scent Machine Placement For Best Results
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Scent Machine Placement For Best Results

Creating a delightful aroma in your space with our Scent Machine Home (SM Home) is a breeze, but where should you place your home fragrance to get the best results? In this guide, we'll explore ideal locations for your aroma diffuser and optimizing scent coverage in various home layouts.

Note: This blog focuses on placement for the Scent Machine Home. Nonetheless, the home placements for the Scent Machine Professional and Scent Machine are, but not limited to:

Professional: kitchen, living room, or in the attic / basement (near your air handler)
Travel: small room or bathroom (large master bedrooms may need more than one Travel)

Location, Location, Location

The Scent Machine Home boasts a remarkable coverage of up to 2,000 square feet, making it perfect for most homes. For the best results, place the aroma diffuser in the most centralized spot of your home, preferably in the most open area. This allows the fragrance to disperse evenly throughout multiple rooms. The LEFT image above shows possible placement in the kitchen and / or the dining room on the first floor. The RIGHT image above shows possible placement in the loft or landing, which is central to the second floor.

If not ported into your HVAC, the Scent Machine Professional can be placed in these same open places as the Scent Machine Home. On the other hand, the Scent Machine Travel will be most effective in smaller enclosed rooms.

It's important to highlight that air flow is the biggest factor when it comes to getting the most out of your fragrance. This is also an element we ask about when clients state that they cannot detect the scent from the diffuser. Does your air come on every eight hours or less? Is there anything blocking or causing a restriction of air to or from your vent(s)?

Higher Or Lower?

To maximize the throw of the fragrance, mount the SM Home at a height between waist and head level (approximately 4 to 6 feet above the floor). An entry table is an ideal location. This placement facilitates the wider distribution of scents and ensures that the fragrance reaches all corners of the space effectively.

The Scent Machine Professional should be kept at a LOWER height, while the Scent Machine Travel should be placed between waist and head level.

Power Is Prime

Since the SM Home is directly powered by a cable, it's essential to position it close to an outlet. This not only ensures a continuous flow of delightful scents but also eliminates the need for battery replacements. Non-rechargeable battery-operated fragrance dispensers cover a much smaller area and require more frequent maintenance. Additionally, they contain synthetic chemicals that are allowed by the FDA although harmful to humans and pets. Why do you think those are priced so low? Because the ingredients are not of supreme quality like ours are.

The Scent Machine Professional is also powered by outlet. However, the Scent Machine Travel is rechargeable like a phone.

If you're concerned about concealment of the machine, consider using the Cordmate paintable cord cover, available at Home Depot. This handy accessory keeps the cord neatly tucked away, providing a seamless and aesthetically pleasing setup. Should you want a more portable scenting experience, consider using the Scent Machine Travel. We understand that every space is unique. If you're unsure about the ideal placement of your aroma diffuser, we are here to help. Remember to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok, and YouTube to see what we're doing next.

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