Scenting While You Travel in Style!

Scenting While You Travel in Style!

Scenting Your Car, Hotel, and Anywhere You Travel.

Scenting While You Travel - Recently I took a weekend getaway from my normal routine. I don’t always travel well because I don't like long drives and hotels. I needed something to make the long drives and hotels more tolerable. I discovered scenting while you travel has many benefits! We have over 300 different kinds of odor receptors in our nose, and they can identify and remember about 10,000 different scents. Scent is a primal sense that can help us avoid dangers like a gas leak or spoiled food, and it also gives us pleasure, like smelling your favorite flower, morning coffee or the scent of your favorite person. But, how do I do it while traveling?

The Answer is the Scent Machine - Travel

Scenting while you travel is a great idea, but how do you do it? I used Aroma Retail’s Scent Machine - Travel which runs on its own rechargeable battery and is ideal for use in traveling.  It is small enough to fit in a standard cup holder and strong enough to scent your hotel room. I used Nobu’s Lemon Ginger and it made the car and hotel room smell wonderful.  It's amazing how much of a difference it makes smelling something that sparks a rush of positive memories.  It changes your mood almost instantly and makes long drives and unfamiliar places seem friendlier and more welcoming. It certainly worked for me!

Scenting Science

It was the mid-2000’s when researchers truly began to understand how the sense of smell actually works. Scientists Linda B. Buck and Richard Axel won the Nobel Prize for their work decoding the sense of smell. They discovered that, aside from the nose, odor receptors are also present in your liver, heart, lungs and even your skin, and that they may even help our various organs and muscles heal.

Obviously, scenting while you travel can enhance mood and rekindle positive memories and emotions, so why not indulge on your next trip? Check out Aroma Retail’s Scent Machine - Travel and a complete list of fragrances and take them with you on your next road trip. Safe travels!

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