Can’t Smell Your Home Scenting Products Anymore?
Can't smell

Can’t smell your home scenting products anymore?

If you can’t smell your perfume or home scenting products anymore, There is a real scientific explanation for it. It’s called olfactory fatigue. As our brains remain exposed to a scent for a certain period, they eventually tend to ignore the old smell in order to avoid sensory overload.

We all have experienced the phenomenon. It is that instance when you can't smell your favorite perfume anymore and think “I should be changing it…” or “they must have changed its composition…”. Nothing is wrong with your perfume or its composition; it is the same wonderful fragrance you’ve always loved. Is just that your nose “went blind” and can't smell it anymore.

The same thing happens with house scents. You love that fresh Asian Lily scent as experienced at Wynn during your trip to Las Vegas. But after a couple of weeks, you can’t smell it anymore… Your diffuser is still working; there is still fragrance in the canister… So, what happened? Sensory adaptation happened as a result of olfactory fatigue.

But don’t fret! I have the answer to maintaining that wonderful smelling house, and to keep smelling your favorite perfume or cologne. Alternate fragrances 🙂 One of the best ways to retain a pleasant scent in your home, that you can continuously smell is to change your fragrances every month. Or at least every season. Use the Fragrance of the month recommendations on our homepage. I suggest selecting a few yummy fragrances that you can arrange in a rotation, that way every few weeks you have a new scent for your “nose”.  See this blog for more suggestions.

I also like to alternate between types of scents. For example, if this month you used floral scents, like Park Hyatt's Kai Jasmine, change it to something citrusy (Nobu's Lemon Ginger) or woody (Cromwell's Allure Noire) next month. Check out this cool YouTube video on why our noses act this way, then have a great smelling day 🙂

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