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July 31st, 2019
Scent Cartridges vs Fragrance Oil

Why Scent Cartridges Fail to Deliver After 7-10 Days, While Fragrance Oil Makes your Home Smell Wonderful all Month Long!

If you use a Scent Diffusion Machine in your home, that uses replaceable cartridges, you may wonder why after the first week of use the smell seems to measurably decrease.  In much the same way we discussed in our Scent Machines vs Plug Ins  article, it’s all about how the scent is diffused over time. The problem with scent cartridges, even the big ones that come in those machines that blow air over them, is that they work on the same principle as the Plug Ins bought at the Dollar Store. They have no control over how much scent is diffused, which gives them a half-life of about a week.  They may state that they last 30 days or so, but they will be only half as potent in just one week after opening the package.  This means that your cartridge will be at 50% potency one week after opening it, then 25% by the end of Week 2, then 12.5% by the end of Week 3, and pretty much an undetectable 6.25% by the end of Week 4.

With fragrance oil diffusion, like what is found in Aroma Retail’s Scent Machine – Home Unit 101 and Scent Machine – Professional, you are able to experience the same consistent potency as you get on day one until the very last drop of oil is used.  This is why high end resorts and spas use machines like Aroma Retail’s for their lobby and casino scenting.  In fact, the fragrances from the top 40 luxury resorts known for their scent are available here:  Resort Fragrances

If you’re thinking about a cartridge “diffuser” (some companies call them diffusers even though it’s just a cartridge), you should try the Scent Machine – Home Unit 101 by Aroma Retail.  Right now, you will get your first bottle of fragrance free with the machine.  The bottles are 4 ounces of pure fragrance oil, and one bottle lasts a month–at full strength–when the machine is set to run 12 hours per day, every day at a medium intensity.

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