Professional with Fragrance Oil - Scent Machine

Scent your entire home or business in less than 5 minutes & control it all through your phone with our commercial scent system. The Scent Air Machine Pro is the efficient whole-home & whole-business solution for safe aromatics. Ready to diffuse free-standing or ported into HVAC with included parts.

Why our Scent Machine Pro is better than the rest:
• scents up to 10,000 sq.-ft. on a timer & on-demand via the app
• fully custom Aroma Retail control board & software
• built-in scatter fan to diffuse & distribute fragrance evenly
• ideal use for a wedding, convention, theater, & banquet
• durable steel frame
• made in small batches & you can’t find it on Ali Baba like other brands

Included: Scent Machine Pro, brown plastic bottle with head assembly, outlet cable, user guide, mounting hardware, HVAC tubing, HVAC nozzle

Dimensions: 11 inches width by 9 and ¾ inches length by 4 and ⅞ inches depth

Noise level: 0 db when ported into HVAC, 45 db from 9 feet away (free standing diffusion)

Power: INPUT 100 -240V, 50/60hz .6A and OUTPUT 12V, 2A

$699.92 with 27oz fragrance