The Scent Machine 101 Smart - With Fragrance Oil

Supreme innovation meets modern fragrance safety. The Air Scent Machine 101 is the smart choice for safe & affordable scenting in the home. New for 2024, we’ve added wi-fi connectivity to work with our mobile app so you can Scent Your Space remotely & conveniently. Make it part of your smart home now.

Why our Whole House Scent Machine 101 is better than the rest:
• scents up to 2,000 sq.ft. on a timer & on-demand via the app
• fully custom Aroma Retail control board & software
• built-in scatter fan to diffuse & distribute fragrance evenly
• ideal use for a home, business, gym, & realtor open house
• lightweight polymer frame
• made in small batches & you can’t find it on Ali Baba like other brands

Included: Whole House Scent System 101, blue plastic bottle with head assembly, outlet cable, user guide, and mounting hardware

Dimensions: 6 and ½ inches width by 7 and ½ inches length by 3 inches depth

Noise level: 53 db from 6 feet away

Power: INPUT 100-240V, 50/60hz .6A and OUTPUT 12V, 2A

$249.95 with 4oz fragrance

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