Travel with Fragrance Oil - Scent Machine

A portable scent machine for your commute? Enjoy luxury scents safely from your vehicle to your desk and back with the Scent Machine Travel. It fits in your cup holder to de-stress in traffic after spending $7 on churros at the happiest place on Earth and will help you relax before your Monday morning presentation.

Why our Portable Scent Machine is better than the rest:
• wirelessly scents up to 400 sq.ft. on a timer
• ideal use for cars/trucks, bedrooms, desks, & waiting areas
• sturdy aluminum frame

Included: Scent Machine Travel, brown glass bottle with twist cap, charging cable, user guide

Dimensions: 2 and 5/8 inches diameter by 5 inches height

Noise level: 38 db from 3 feet away

Power: INPUT 100 – 240V, 50/60hz .6A and OUTPUT 5v, 1A

$89.92 with 4oz fragrance

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