Canna-Less Candle

A Candle is the simplest solution to scent any space. Comes in a glass apothecary jar with a removeable lid. 11 oz net weight. 24 hours extra lead time to cure overnight before shipping.

This item is made to order & FINAL SALE.

Canna-Less is a new line of innovative cannabis odor-eliminating fragrances by Aroma Retail that uses simple chemistry to safely & naturally remove weed smells.

DIRECTIONS: remove lid and light the candle 10-30 minutes (or more if desired) before smoking. Keep lit during your session. To extinguish, safely replace lid over the wicks until you see the fires go out. Trim wicks only when not lit, as long as 1/2 inches but no shorter than 1/4 inches. Never burn for longer than four hours at a time.

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