Love is in the air!

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Valentine’s Day is a time-honored day dedicated to love, one that has been celebrated since medieval times with comfits, poetry...

Caesars Palace The Empire - Start The New Year Smelling Like Roses

Ceasars The Empire

A new you emerges from the ashes of 2020,  smelling garden-fresh like Caesars Palace The Empire. Rose petals sift over you, soft where they brush against your skin and leaving the air perfumed with their heady scent. That smell is one of victory, of knowing you have the fortitude to face whatever life throws your way.

Venetian’s Scent Arancia

Venetian’s Scent Arancia A sunny Mediterranean blend of Orange, Lemon, Apple Blossom, Ginger Flower, Geranium, Orange Flower, Clove and Nutmeg...

Vdara's Scent Green Fig

Vdara's Scent

Vdara’s Scent Green Fig Beautiful green freshness accomplished with a very complex blend of year-round elements. Top notes of Green...