First Green Business in Southern Nevada
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First Green Business in Southern Nevada

We are so excited to announce we are the first business in Southern Nevada to be certified with the Green Business Engagement National Network as of this past December.  This organization tracks and connects green businesses to provide opportunities for sharing eco-friendly practices and encouraging new opportunities to keep our environment safe.

Being ‘Green’ means making every effort possible to conserve our precious natural resources, prevent pollution from harming the environment, and making a positive impact overall. Moreover, this means we use no volatile organic compounds and are careful not to waste plastic, water, paper, nor electricity. What’s more, we don’t only want to be good for the planet, we also want to be good for our local community.

Aroma Retail has always looked toward operations with an eye on being earth friendly, from the time we were just starting out making products on our kitchen counter to the Smelly Van we use for transporting today, the Smelly Bar brick and mortar store you can now visit, and to our new facility that we like to call ‘Our Happy Place’.

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Our Packaging

Recycling is a big part of saving our planet. Because of this, our boxes used for shipping are recyclable, the bottles are made of partly recycled plastic and even the packing peanuts are biodegradable.

Our Manufacturing

We maintain compliance with all standards with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and California Air Resources Board (CARB). This helps keep the amount of air pollutants from machinery and vehicles at a minimum. On top of that, we ensure everything we use – from our Smelly Van to our organic essential oils – leaves the smallest footprint possible.

Our Community

In addition to ensuring our products are environmentally safe, we also give back to the community and are one of the major donors and supporters of Love the Sea – a charity which cleans the beaches and oceans of garbage. 

Our Customers

There’s more to being safe than just protecting our planet and our customers. We remain in compliance with the following organizations: International Fragrance Association (IFRA) and California Proposition 65. This means we are regularly updated on scientific data for safe products to ensure no harmful chemicals will hurt our customers.

We also safeguard all our ingredients are not included on lists of known dangerous materials – these lists include the Canadian Hotlist as well as Annexe II and III of the European cosmetic guidelines.

Our fragrances are made without cancer-causing carcinogens, irritating and dangerous volatile organic compounds, nor phthalates, which can cause potential endocrine disruption. Additionally, our organic and carefully selected ingredients ensure that not only will our fragrances be safe, but also hypoallergenic for you and your pets.

You can check out our site in the Green Biz Tracker here to see our information with the Green Business Engagement National Network: 

So, the next time you scent your home, office, or business with Aroma Retail’s custom fragrances, know that you are not only keeping yourself, family, clients, and pets safe, you are also being eco-friendly as well. Buy with confidence from the first green business in Southern Nevada.

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