Safe And Easy To Use Car Air Freshener

Safe And Easy To Use Car Air Freshener

There are many choices when searching for car air fresheners. Almost too many. When planning for a road trip, knowing you would be spending several hours in your vehicle, you have to make the car ride more enjoyable. Most travelers simply want to arrive at their destination refreshed and ready for the next adventure. Why not drive with a car that smells exactly how you want it? It would certainly make you happier, especially in any traffic or road delays. What's stopping you from having a mint or peach or coffee aroma in the car? Nothing really. Here's how to drive happier using a pet-safe air freshener.

Use The Scent Machine Travel For Best Results

Specific scents can even recall happy memories and put us in a good mood. So, to make your car cozier and fresher for a road trip, get the Scent Machine Travel. Running on a rechargeable battery, it is a small device that is great for people on the go; you can easily move it from my car to your workplace, home, or hotel. This is the smart choice for a car air freshener. Oils are made using only two ingredients: pure fragrance oil (this is essential oil with the volatile organic compounds and allergens removed) and a non-toxic vaporizer (this safely diffuses the oil for the same experience on day 35 as day 1).

Use The Linen Spray For Focused Fragrance

The other product to consider is the Linen Spray. This can be used with the SM Travel or in lieu of it, but it certainly doesn't replace it. The Linen Spray is perfect for freshening up the seats and upholstery without being too oily. And as the name suggests, it works on other daily fabrics too. Yes, even clothing - you'll find a pro tip on this here. Convenient and easy to use, the bottle also fits in a cup holder for storage or, turn the nozzle to OFF and store under your chair. Sprays are also made of two ingredients: the same pure fragrance oil mentioned above and a non-toxic body splash (this allows for washable application to things we're likely to touch).

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Which will you choose: the Scent Machine Travel or a Linen Spray? Make your car trips more enjoyable with a safe, affordable, and sustainable air freshener. Scent your commute and your vacation today.

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