Matchajuana - Canna-less Collection

Matchajuana – Canna-less Collection Fragrance Oil
How it works? When ground green tea leaves, otherwise known as Matcha Tea, is exposed to sunlight, it releases marijuana odor neutralizing scent molecules that are attracted to the radical sulfur-hydrogen atom of Prenylthiol, which is the molecule responsible for the skunky odor of marijuana. These molecules then combine into a more pleasant scent. Without the marijuana smell present, MatchaJuana smells like freshly crushed green tea leaves. Once it combines with the marijuana smell, it neutralizes into the smell of freshly brewed Matcha tea.

Top Notes: Citrus Zest, Green Apple, Fresh Ozone
Middle Notes: Matcha Powder, Star Jasmine, Green Tea
Base Notes: Fresh Herbs, White Woods, Soft Musk

Our certified marijuana abatement fragrances contain natural scent molecules that are attracted to the radical sulfur hydrogen compound found at the end of the Prenylthiol molecule. You can tell this green tea scented oil works, because it actually changes the way the fragrance smells rather than just covering up the marijuana scent with a more powerful smell.


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