Banana Bread Latte

Happyfastdelicious Banana Bread Latte

When you first pull into a happyfastdelicious drive-thru you will be greeted with the smell of their signature drink, Banana Bread Latte. Imagine chocolate chip banana bread, straight from the oven, complete with top notes of Sweet Banana, Cinnamon Sugar, Chocolate Syrup, middle notes of Warm Banana Bread, Frothy Coconut Milk, Café Latte and base notes of Caramel Drizzle, Maple Sugar, and Whipped Vanilla Crème.


About HappyFastDelicious

happyfastdelicious is a new chain of coffee drive-thrus, specializing in high-quality coffee, unexpected flavors, and high-energy recipes. Started in San Diego, CA. but are now expanding nationwide.


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