Super Scent: The Big Fragrance For The Big Game
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Super Scent: The Big Fragrance For The Big Game

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With the big game being in Las Vegas, we took it upon ourselves (and some direction from important, unnamed NFL personnel) to create a distinct aroma that was unique to the game and all of its fans. Super Scent is the fragrance of champions. Champions who won it all on the big stage. Through readers, voters, and viewers like you, we present our first new release of 2024.

The San Francisco [redacted] and Kansas City [redacted] will be playing in Las Vegas for [redacted] 58. Which team will be taking home the [redacted] trophy?

Know Your Notes

Including elements of American football makes this scent special. Voters were asked to choose several key components of the game and aromatic notes that compliment the rest of the fragrance. "Notes" are the common scenting terms for ingredients, and these notes are layered by the top notes (also called opening notes), the middle or mid (also called heart notes), and base notes (sometimes called the dry down).

Timeless fragrances such as Acqua Di Gio, Sauvage, Baccarat Rouge 540, and Black Opium have made their claim to fame based on a very memorable set of top notes, mid notes, base notes, or all notes in perfect synergy.

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The Fragrance

Fresh Cut Grass (top note)

Football Leather (top note)

Sparkling Champagne (mid note)

Sandalwood (mid note)

Musk (base note)

Cedarwood (base note)