Aromatherapy and More: 5 Easy Ways to Relieve Stress

Exclusively written for aromaretail.com by Audrey Wade

Aromatherapy and More: 5 Easy Ways to Relieve Stress - There’s nothing unnatural about feeling stressed. Stress hormones send signals to your body to go into a state of “fight or flight” and to push through nerve-wracking situations like speaking in front of a crowd or finishing a swimming competition. See, in some situations, stress can be the appropriate response.

However, excessive and persistent stress can lead to wear and tear on the mind and body. You may feel overwhelmed and find it difficult to cope, which is why you need to actively find easy ways to relax and release this stress.


The Journal of Advanced Nursing published a study showing aromatherapy as an effective tool for patients in intensive care to feel less anxious and more positive immediately. This is a lesson that you can apply at home, says behavioral health therapist Jane Ehrman, MEd. on a Cleveland Clinic write-up on aromatherapy.

Each scent brings with it a specific benefit for your overall well-being. Scents like lavender and bamboo can help you feel more relaxed and less anxious, while zesty scents like lemon and pomegranate boost your energy. You can browse through our collection of “Comforting Scents” for aromatherapy blends and fragrances that allow you to relax at home whether that be through candles, diffusers, or body products.

Mindful Breathing

This is one of the quickest and easiest ways you can relieve stress—and it won’t even cost you a single penny.

It’s also a very discreet way to calm yourself down and relax, perfect for when you’re in a stressful meeting or when you’re in a place surrounded by a lot of people. There are a number of breathing techniques that you can try. One of the simplest exercises that wellness coach Elizabeth Scott recommends is inhaling through the nose and counting to three, holding that breath in for a second, and then slowly exhaling through your nose for another three seconds.

Developing a Good Skincare Routine

There’s an undoubtedly therapeutic quality to “me time,” and in a Rodan + Fields study, chief scientific officer Dr. Tim Falla claims that there is significant evidence that connects an individual’s skin health with their emotional well-being and stress levels.

So go ahead and indulge yourself with a fabulous skincare routine, but make sure that it suits your skin type. As lifestyle writer Sheena Dizon emphasizes in a PrettyMe writeup on AR Vitamin E Cream, make sure to do a skin patch test when you integrate new skincare products into your routine to test skin compatibility and spare yourself from the added stress of dealing with allergies. Do this by applying a bit of product to a small area on your neck or behind the ear and a small patch on your arm and leave it on for 24 hours, so you can check for any irritation.

Chew Gum

You might be surprised to know that chewing gum actually helps relieve stress and anxiety. Emerging studies have found out that people who chew gum have a greater sense of well-being and generally lower stress levels than those that don’t. Participants of the study even claimed that they felt greater stress relief when they chewed more strongly.

Dietician Kerri-Ann Jennings explains that this may be because chewing gum promotes blood flow to the brain and that it also creates brain waves that mimic those found when you’re in a relaxed state.

Listening to music

Music is something people naturally turn to in times of distress, and rightly so. Like scents, different types of music elicit different responses. Classical music, for example, is believed to be calming and soothing. However, music preference varies from person to person.

A writeup on Psychology Today detailing how music impacts our emotions emphasizes how music helps us with "emotion regulation." Music is used to energize, maintain focus, and even disengage from distressing situations. There are many ways to utilize music in our day-to-day lives, and you may find that listening to your favorite music can help you de-stress.

Stress is something that’s constant in your life and that’s okay, but make sure to always take a moment to relax and unwind. You have a wealth of quick and convenient stress relief activities to tide you through the next stressful day.


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A Collection of Fragrances to Set the Mood You Desire!

Aroma Retail, a leader in luxury home fragrancing, well-known for their collection of signature luxury resort scents for the home, have released their most ambitious fragrance line to date, the Mood Collection. "This collection seeks to use fragrances as an essential part of setting the perfect mood," said Aroma Retail’s founder, Cristina Reding. "Whether you are looking for a moment of quiet contemplation, or looking to motivate your workout, the right scent is essential! I am so happy with our mood collection, and I know we have created a fabulous, on-brand selection of scents that we can be proud of and that our customers will love."

Scientific studies by International Flavors & Fragrances Inc. have been working on measuring both the subjective and physiological effects of aromas and fragrances on emotions. They developed a method called Mood Mapping™ which reliably measures the mood associations of aromas. Mood Mapping™ provides a choice of eight mood categories that have been an inspiration for Aroma Retail’s Mood Collection:

Made with a high-grade organic and hypoallergenic fragrance oil, Aroma Retail products represent a perfectly balanced combination of scent consistency and capacity. The Mood Collection is available for purchase online at aromaretail.com. The eight Mood scents are available in all Aroma Retail products.



Scent Machine - Professional Set Up.

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The rate of fragrance oil usage will vary depending on your settings. 27 ounces of fragrance oil could last up to a year in a small space at very low settings, or you could need to use a bottle per month in those larger spaces with heavy intensity. You can also program it like you would a thermostat, where it runs at different intensities and at different times of the day to further conserve oil.

For any space, including very large spaces, as a free-standing diffuser or connected to your ventilation system, get whole-home coverage in up to 15,000 square feet with settings going from very low and delicate for smaller spaces to high volume intensity for larger spaces. Use the same fragrance oils and diffusion technology that the pros use in hotels, hospitals, stores, offices!

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How to Pick the Perfect Scent for Your Home

by Laura Barry of Better Homes and Gardens (bhg.com)

Scent is one of the strongest triggers for memories. All it takes is a smell to remind you of baked goods from your grandmother’s kitchen or the aroma of your mother’s mouth-watering Sunday roast. So it comes as no surprise that many of us are low-key obsessed with making our homes smell fresh, vibrant, delicious and delightful. Scented candles are without a doubt one of the more popular methods, but essential oils and incense are making a comeback, too.

But, how do you pick the perfect scent for your home? After all, it’ll probably stay with you forever – in your memories!

Kristen Walker from home fragrance brand tells us her top tips for picking the perfect scent.

What fragrance works best for a living room?

“When choosing a fragrance for a busy area look to sweet and fruity scents. Not only do these scents gently fill the room with uplifting summery notes, but they will also create a refreshed and comfortable atmosphere. As these spaces are typically larger, consider a fragrance diffuser for a longer lasting scent.”

What fragrances work best for relaxation, such as in a bedroom?

“The bedroom and other quiet areas of the home are supposed to be relaxing and a place to switch off. The perfect match for these spaces are sensual and soothing fragrances. Notes of musk and floral are a great combination to create a calm ambiance.”

 To find the perfect scent for your home CLICK HERE
Rear Full article CLICK HERE

What's the Best Location for your Aroma Diffuser

The Home Unit 101 Aroma Diffusion Machine can cover up to 2,000 square feet of open space. Homes have walls and doors everywhere, so where is the best place to put your aroma diffuser? The short answer is to choose the most centralized spot in the most open area of your home and mount the aroma diffuser between waist and head-high to get the widest throw of the fragrance (4 to 6 feet). So what's the best location for your aroma diffuser?

The aroma diffuser plugs in, so we need to make sure it is somewhere around an outlet as well. Battery-operated fragrance dispensers are much smaller than the Home Unit 101 Aroma Diffusion Machine diffuser and will not cover near as much area.

If the cord is going to be too visible, we recommend something like the Cordmate paintable cord cover; Home Depot sells it here: https://www.homedepot.com/p/Cordmate-5-ft-Channel-White-C10/202059078

We get a lot of requests from customers asking us to look at their floor plan and help them decide where exactly to place the aroma diffuser. We wanted to share some of the most common types of layouts showing the best location for your Aroma Diffuser…

This will scent the Entry, Family Room, Kitchen, Dining Room, Bedroom #1 (if you leave the door open), and the hallway to Bedrooms #2 and #3.

This will scent the Entry, Great Room, Kitchen, Dining Room, Family Room, and Home Office.

This will scent the Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, Mud Room, and Stairs.

This will scent the Entry, Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, Stairs, and the Master Bedroom hallway if that door is left open.

This will scent the Entry, Dining Room, Study, Kitchen, Family Room, Breakfast Nook, and Stairs.

This will scent the Foyer, Dining Room, Living Room, Kitchen, and Stairs.

This will scent the Foyer, Dining Room, Kitchen, Social Room, Great Room, and Stairs.

This will scent the Entry, Family Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, and the hallway to the Bedrooms.

This will scent the Entry, Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, and those Bedrooms off of the Living Room if the doors are open.

This will scent the Private Foyer (if that door is open), Den, Hallway, Kitchen, Living Room, Dining Room, and those Bedrooms off of the Hallway and Living Room if those doors are left open.

This will scent the Entry, Kitchen, Living Room, Dining Room, Hallway to the Bedrooms, and those Bedrooms if the doors are left open.

How Can You Find the Best Scent for your Home? Follow These Simple Instructions...

best scent for your homeThe top 40 most popular fragrances used at world-class resorts are listed on our Fragrance Page, along with filters that allow you to select your custom scent based on your preferences, finding the best scent for your home.


You can sort these fragrances based on the following criteria:

So, if you select Top 10 Most Popular, Citrusy and Woody for the Most Prominent Ingredients, Clean & Safe for the MosBellagio Hotel Scentt Desired Mood, Fall Season, and Used in Spas, You would get Bellagio’s Blue Ice as a result for the best scent for your home.

Bellagio’s Blue Ice is a Mediterranean blend of Cucumber, sweet Melon, Rose and Lily of the Valley ending with Blonde Woods with top notes of Grapefruit, Green Apple, Cucumber, Melon, Ozone; mid notes of Damascena Rose, Lily of the Valley; and base notes of Blond Woods, Musk.

Perfect for a smooth Fall fragrance to create a clean and safe mood.

Which one is your special scent? Visit our Home Page and find your home fragrance and harvest the power of scent.

By Andy Myers for research-live.com


No other sense is so firmly linked to memory and emotion than our sense of smell. With its strong physiological link between the olfactory and limbic system and around 1,000 genes that encode distinct scents – compared to vision that only has four – our sense of smell is highly discriminating and adept at distinguishing and recognizing smells, even though we may struggle to articulate them…

…And maybe that is part of the problem: bricks and mortar retail stores are still dominated by vision, sound, and touch. What about smell?

It is clear from both academic literature and our research that smell has an impact on us, but that impact is unconscious: when people are asked what they think, they struggle to give any deep level of introspection into the experience, beyond whether they like it or not.

Does this mean scent alone will enhance an experience? Should retailers spray a couple of bottles of perfume around each day and that will do the trick? Or is it more complicated, more nuanced? As you may expect it is the latter, so put the perfume down for a moment and read on…

Full Article CLICK HERE

As a child do you remember opening a brand new book and smelling it? The smell of the paper and printed ink, that new book aroma stimulating your senses. You could feel the book beckoning you to open and explore its secrets.

So school is back, and all the parents and children have been busy getting all of the school supplies. Do you remember that special fragrance that hit you when you opened a new book? I do! Every time I experienced that scent of paper, ink, and glue I am immediately transported to that tiny bookstore back in Romania, where I used to go to as a child to get my school supplies.

Different people seem to like different fragrances when it comes to the smell of a book. There are those people who like the scent of old books and there are others who like the aroma of a new book being opened for the first time. The aroma that emanates from books is caused by a number of chemical reactions – not just the sweet smell of great prose, but the opportunity to enjoy the glorious sensuality of books!

Old books have a sweet smelling scent with notes of vanilla flowers and almonds, which is caused by the breakdown of chemical compounds in the paper, while the fragrance of a new book smells like they do because of the various chemicals used when they are manufactured.

The scent of new books can be attributed to three factors: the paper itself (it smells good because of the chemicals used to manufacture it), the ink used to print the book, and the adhesives used in the process of book-binding.  if you love that scent try our Book Store Fragrance

That New Book Smell

Read the rest of the article here http://sciabc.us/QeAF9M

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