Seasonal Scenting Guide: The Best Summer Scents

Seasonal Scenting Guide: The Best Summer Scents

The heat is coming and it's time to switch gears from the best Spring scents to the best Summer scents! June 21 is officially the first day of Summer. What vacations and seasonal events do you think of first? Allow us to paint a picture: hot weather scents should be refreshing and airy due to warmth evaporating the fragrance to project (push out) the notes. Many of those you'll see below are focused on citrus, but not all. Waterfall is our Featured Fragrance for June, and it's a great one to ignite your Summer excitement! Let's get started.

June to July, For Father's Day And The End Of Spring

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Where we are in Las Vegas NV, the hot weather decided to show up early a few times before Summer even began. For those in hot zones like us, there is no better example of an ideal scent than Blue Ice. The way the cucumber, melon, and grapefruit combine to form their own aquatic accord is one of a kind. Throw in some blonde woods, rose, and lily of the valley, and you have yourself a timeless Summer classic. Pro tip: use this one in a Scent Machine Travel so that you can take it with you to San Diego Comic Con, Beyonce's Renaissance tour, and other fun road trips!

Honorable mentions to discover: Sage And Sea and Sun And Sand

July to August, For Planning Your Independence Day

best summer scents scenting guide aroma retail home decor fragrance oil diffuser las vegas hotel resort collection

SLS is a fun one because it's somewhat of an enigma, but you know exactly what you're getting into when you smell it. In summary, it's a truly unique mixture of tonka bean, peach, grapefruit, iris, currant, passion flower, jasmine, and sandalwood. It belongs on this list because of the versatile scent profile that fits in Summer but also in the Spring and Fall. Here we see grapefruit again bring together the other notes to make this one a wonderful option to Scent Your Space. Experience the highest form of luxury with this fragrance in a Scent Machine Professional for a whole-home fragrance!

Honorable mentions to discover: Energy and Tropical Coco Mango

August to September, For Labor Day And The Start Of Fall

best summer scents scenting guide aroma retail home decor fragrance oil diffuser las vegas hotel resort collection

You guessed it: more grapefruit. Used in the spa of a famous Las Vegas resort, the Pink Grapefruit fragrance has gained notoriety from the relaxation it gives to guests. Supported by orange, geranium, and elemi (to name a few), this scent is a star in the relentless heat. Looking at these choices, do you see a pattern when citruses are paired with flowers? They create unforgettable aromatics so that you can create unforgettable memories this Summer. You can also give your guests and clients relaxation when diffusing via a Scent Machine Home.

Honorable mentions to discover: Desert Breeze and Creativity

When temperatures begin to drop, we transition from Summer scents with a light profile to Fall scents with a gourmand profile. Think of Fall fragrances as a pumpkin spiced latte, sweet and inviting. Compare this to Winter aromas that are heavier so they can cut through the cold. This is done by using warm notes like leather, booze (cognac, vodka, wine, etc.), tobacco, and pepper. September 22 is the first official day of Fall this year, and there's time before our Fall Scenting Guide drops. Give these Summer favorites a try before the heat goes away.

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