Harmful Effects of Synthetics: The Smelly Truth
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Harmful Effects of Synthetics: The Smelly Truth

When shopping for scenting solutions, it's easy to hunt for the lowest prices while overlooking the harmful effects of synthetics. Fragrances with deep discounts often raise suspicion of what's really in it and why's it so cheap. These products can have a negative effect on your health, and can be avoided by learning the potential hazards. Below is just a short list of bad chemicals and how they'll affect your body.

Despite scientific evidence proving them to be unsafe, many other companies use harmful synthetics in their fragrances. Benzophenone is still used even though the Environmental Protection Agency has identified it as a possible carcinogen, which causes birth defects, and other developmental disorders.

Some containers and packaging used can be made with dangerous chemicals. One common ingredient is styrene, which is used in some rubber and plastics. Moreover, it has potential to cause cancer, and exposure can lead to numerous health complications. These target the central nervous system, resulting in fatigue and muscle weakness. Additionally, irritation to the eyes, nose, and throat are common side effects.

Phthalates are harmful synthetics found in fragrances to be mindful of. These are commonly added to scents to make them last longer. They are linked to birth defects and impaired brain development in babies. Phthalates can also cause attention, learning, and behavioral disorders in children. Parabens are another damaging additive that disrupt hormones, causing similar birth and fertility defects. Although the connections to cancer are limited, parabens still remain a cause for concern.

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